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New trailer for The Final Fantasy Origins of Paradise, Action RPG is set in the same world as Final Fantasy 1, has been released. Square Enix also confirmed a release date of March 18th 2022. Check out the latest trailer below that adds a neat little wrinkle to the entire drama surrounding Garland.

A good amount of new gameplay was also showcased with a new character, Neon, joining Jack, Ash and Jed. Thus the Four Warriors of Light are formed and must travel the world to cleanse the Crystals of darkness. Each Crystal seems to have a different elemental enemy to face, which is in line with their properties.

While the full game will be out next year for PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X / S, Xbox One and PC via the Epic Games Store, a new trial is currently available for current-gen platforms. Available until October 11th, it adds a new platform and multiplayer support. Pre-orders are also live for the Digital Deluxe Edition which includes a digital mini OST, digital art book, Season Ticket and other bonuses.


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