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The original name of Ember Lab was originally planned Gehenna: Bridge of Spirits recently launched to serious criticism, and the indie team, since then, has released regular updates and patches to address various issues based on feedback from players. Next update, patch 1.08, recently released, but fixes a number of minor ailments.

Animation bugs have already been discussed, including one for the shield, or the small fact that Hell suddenly stopped or slowed down while running (which was still annoying to a few players). Other issues with the end of the final manager’s fight with some young players who have seen the inaccuracy of Rot numbers in the center field have also improved.

An option to reduce the weight of the cast has also been added in, as well as the ability to play offline on the PC version (which will just reward you in any way. Achievement that you had to unlock when you re -entered). You can check out the full patch below.

Gehenna: Bridge of Spirits is available on PS5, PS4, and PC, though the developer said it will look at bringing it to other versions as well. Ember Lab also has plans for a lot of things that need to be added to the game- read more on that here.

PATCH 1.08

  • Added support for offline mode on PCs. Please note Achievements will not be unlocked while offline but will be presented after login.
  • Add options to reduce dynamic mobility.
  • Fix problems that gave Hell a chance to slow down or stop while running.
  • Ordered good Rot count in the Village tasted by some players. The problem should not recur and saving the file first will be repaired.
  • Improved efficiency for the boss’s final argument.
  • Good for breaking change shields.
  • Slightly improved entertainment, combat and streaming flow.


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