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TheXboxHub Official Podcast Episode 59: Hoop dreams and turkeys

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As the dust settles, following the chaotic releases of Xbox Series X|S and PS5, TheXboxHub team return for an episode filled with more gaming discussion, news and general chat. The topics are so diverse that you can expect TheXboxHub Official Podcast Episode 59 to cover everything from NBA 2K21 and gambling games, through to turkeys and K-pop. Given that it’s Thanksgiving, we managed to squeeze a quiz in too!

Delivering our weekly dose of gaming are Gareth, James and Richard, but before getting onto the games, there’s a catch up on general goings on. James finally shares his online concert experiences, Richard tells a story about a social media encounter, while Gareth seems fascinated by a random monolith. There’s certainly a lot of variety during this strange segment.

Then they swiftly move on to the games they’ve been playing recently, including thoughts regarding the next-gen upgrade of NBA 2K21, straight from the mouth of an up and coming baller. There’s also insight into the arcade racer Speed 3: Grand Prix, the gambler’s paradise The Four Kings Casino and Slots, and raise the stakes with Poker Club. In the world of gaming news, the trio cover the FIFA 21 next-gen features, the delay of Watch Dogs Legion online, and the physical edition of an Assassin’s Creed Valhalla mini-game.

And finally, our quizmaster Richard tests the knowledge of the other two during a Thanksgiving themed set of questions. Who’ll win this latest battle and secure bragging rights? Tune in to find out.

As always, full show notes are available over at

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