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The second paid DLC for inXile’s Landscape 3 is now available and Association of Holy Partnership. It sees the Arizona Rangers head towards the Cheyenne Mountain complex and encounter cults of mutants worshiping a nuclear attack in stasis. Along with new characters and quests, the DLC also adds new weapons, armor and enemies.

Encounter -based objectives are also new here and the Rangers must complete various objectives – such as activating missions or closing reactors – while attacking mutants and machines. These encounters promise to be some of the hardest in the game especially when playing crank up hard. As with the basic game, one’s choices will have many consequences (and some of your first choices will also be part of it).

Field 3: Religion of Divine Partnership now available for Xbox One, PS4 and PC. It is purchased either independently or with the Expansion Pass (which also includes The Importance of Steeltown). New players can get the basic gameplay and DLC with Colorado Survival Gear features The Colorado Collection, which is 30 percent off Oct. 19 on steam.


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