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Resident Evil 7 Has Now Shipped Over 10 Million Copies Worldwide

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The Resident Evil a franchise has been one that has lasted for years and has seen many different interpretations and inventions. From its roots of fixed camera angles to a more active focus with collaborative flavorings, it feels like the franchise is an eternal one. The first person series went with Resident Evil 7, and though it was a different perspective, saw him recall to many of his roots. The game was largely well received, and has sold well. Now, it has reached an important milestone.

Capcom today publishing that the game has officially shipped 10 million units worldwide. The last reported number for the game was 9.8 million units shipped in August 2021, meaning the game managed to ship 200,000 units in about two months. 7 served as a direct foundation and precursor to this year Resident Evil Village, which also resulted in a nice boost to the game’s sales.

Resident Evil 7 available now for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

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