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It’s been a long time, long time is coming, but Dread Metroid finally out now. Nineteen years after the launch of the last new 2D Metroid title and more than a decade since the launch of the new mainline Metroid game, the series is finally back with a completely fresh story to tell. Check out its launch trailer below.

Dread Metroid is the fifth entry in the long-lived 2D Metroid saga, which started back with the original Metroid in 1986. Dread a finale to that saga, but according to series producer Yoshio Sakamoto, it is also setting up new plotlines for the series to take in future installments. The game sees Samus travel to Planet ZDR to investigate a mysterious video informing them of the presence of the X parasite on the planet, though the relentless and terrifying EMMI robots will make things more than a little difficult to her.

Dread Metroid available exclusively on Nintendo Switch. Your Switch won’t need too much storage space to download the game, so go ahead and clear that tiny bit of space for it.


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