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People have been waiting for new Metroid game for over a decade, and the wait for a new 2D record in the series has been almost twice as long. That wait finally ended with Metroid Dread’s a recent launch, and the almost universal praise received from just about every corner has made it abundantly clear that the game is worth the wait. Check out the honors trailer below for a look at some of that reception.

Dread Metroid is the finale of the ‘2D series Metroid a saga, capping a five-game arc that began with the very first game in the series and was left hanging after the collection was over Metroid Fusion. He sees Samus travel to planet ZDR to investigate the possible appearance of the X parasite, but unexpected mysteries and other dangerous threats stand in his way.

Dread Metroid available exclusively on Nintendo Switch. It has enjoyed a strong first appearance in the UK, where it has become the fastest-selling Metroid game so far.


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