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With proof of that Forsaken and the Tangled Shore will be preserved, Result 2 lotus get another attack mai Result 1 in Year 5. Start the year with the opening of The Queen Lady in February 2022, which also sees a new similar launch season. Other items taken from Destiny Convent Vault includes a standard PvP map from Result 1 and two PvP maps from its series.

Yes, like the Vault of Glass, Bungie will likely make changes and new additions in the next regular return attack. Since the other expansion focused on Savathun, the naming of the Witch Queen, it has become the belief of the King of the Fall from The Accepted King can come back. How this works remains to be seen, especially since Oryx is dead and gone. But strange things happened to Consequences universe

Result 2: The witch Queen is out on February 22nd 2022 for Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S, PS4, PS5, PC and Google Stadia. It will add another result with Savathun’s Throne World, weapon building, the Glaive, and more. Stay tuned for more sales in the coming months.


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