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Polish news publication PPE has recently claimed that the recently published and long rumors Grand Theft Auto – The Trilogy – Definitive Edition will receive physical release in a box on December 7 this year. As translated and reported by VGC, the information comes from retailers who are familiar with the issue.

It’s also said that only the PS4, Xbox One, and Switch versions will release on December 7th, while current-gen versions will be pushed to next year. The report makes no mention of the PC platform, which is unsurprising, given that most games have no physical release on the platform. A digital release could be coming as early as November, as reported earlier by noted scrum-half Tom Henderson.

Recently, it was also speculated that the game could be priced at $ 70 for current-gen platforms, according to leaked retailer listings for the same. If the collection is just a souped-up version of games that are all decades old at this point, the price may not sit well with people. Rockstar also lists the original games across all PC store fronts, which seem to add more fuel to the fire.


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