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Want to find all of the Rot and their cute little hats, or perhaps collect all of the Spirit Mail and take on the Cursed Challenges? Here’s how.

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Ember Lab’s Gehenna: Bridge of Spirits includes approximately 210 collections in its 10 regions. It ranges from Rot and Meditation Spots (which are the keys to increasing Hell’s health – see here for more details) to hats and Spirit Mail. If you want to be 100 percent complete with all Cups, then collect the key.

Also, although you can run around to find together what can be collected in a regular game, you can go back to the world after the story is over. Since all the different sections will be unlocked, it’s easy to step back and pick up lost debts. Let’s take a look at each type to collect and what they do:

  • Rot – There are 100 Rot in total and their causes are many, from solving puzzles to healing Hell in battle as well as carrying out special attacks when enough courage is built up. Along with being in the world, much of Rot is found by the normal progression in the story.
  • Pots – As noted in the previous previews before release, you can collect different hats for Rotten Pots. Caps can be found in secret places or in the chest but only in one part of the process. The next thing is to include the title in the Hat Cart and then buy the hat in question and gems (although it doesn’t apply to hats found by progressing in the story). While most hats can all be worn by Rot at a time, some can rarely be worn one at a time. Also, hats usually start with 10 jade and go up to 100 jade per price but rarely need 500 jade each. In total, 51 hats were collected at the game.
  • Flower Shrines – These are specially damaged areas. You need to defeat any nearby enemies or solve a special puzzle to revive them. Restoring a place of worship will reward Hell with gems and Karma. There are 24 Flower Shrines decorated all over the world.
  • Spiritual Mails – There are 10 Spirit Mails to collect, and these are the things that should open different houses in the community. By using mail, you can remove the clutter that blocks a door of a house and enter rewards inside. Each home has a mailbox on the front with a sign where they have Spirit Mail. Sometimes, there will be a fight in an opening and remember that when entering.
  • Cursts Cursts – As mentioned above, different combinations such as Rot, caps and curls can be found in different places. Including Cursed Chests, there is a reddish tinge unlike the normal chest. Unlocking their endings will be challenging to enemies, such as killing a set number before time runs out, killing a group without being damaged, and so on.
  • Meditation Sites – These are used to increase Kena’smax health. Many of these locations are located close to major boxing events but can also be found in secret, out-of-the-way locations.

To find all of the collections, check out the Guide video below. Gehenna: Bridge of Spirits currently available for PS4, PS5 and PC. Read our official review here for more details or head here for more help and tricks.

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