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The Nintendo Switch OLED was on the receiving end of plenty of backlash when Nintendo first announced it (mainly because of all the expectations surrounding the Switch Pro si), but obviously, that hasn’t affected device sales. Like GamesIndustry reports, the OLED Switch saw a successful UK launch last week, selling “significantly” more than the Switch Lite did when it launched back in 2019.

In fact, last week was the 14th biggest week for the Switch in UK sales since its launch in 2017. Each of the 13 more weeks is either Black Friday or Christmas periods, with a week (fourth) in the week of the Switch’s own original launch. Last week, the OLED Switch accounted for 70% of all Switch sales in the UK.

Interestingly, the OLED Switch already accounts for 7% of all Switch consoles sold in the UK to date. By comparison, the Switch Lite currently has a 20% stake, two years later from launch.

Dread Metroid also launched last week, and sales in the UK got off to a flying start. Read more about that throughout here.


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