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Sony doesn’t have it announced in addition to free PS4 and PS5 games available to PlayStation Plus customers each month, there are also three PlayStation VR games available. This will start in November with more details to come in the “next few weeks” (probably when the new month’s PS Plus headline is announced).

The author also shared detail on the five most popular PlayStation VR titles, such as Room Rec, Beat Saber, PlayStation VR World, Le To’o Book 5: Skyrim VR ma Evil 7: biohazard. Itulagi-poto, Potu Rec ruled North America and Europe. In Japan, in Evil 7: biohazard the chart was at the top.

This move could potentially be a driving force for VR gaming in the future. Sony has already unveiled another next -generation PlayStation VR device for the PS5 and developers have a wide range of customizable and finger -friendly touchscreens. Rumor has it that the headset will be launched on holiday 2022. In addition to this, Firesprite Studios recently joined PlayStation Studios and is reportedly working on VR titles in the Horizon franchise


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