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Recent history 14 it continues to have great success. As reported by IGN, Naoki Yoshida revealed in a recent event, the MMORPG has over 24 million total number of players. The number stood at 22 million players in April of this year.

Like Yoshida, Recent history 14 had 4 million players back in 2015, hit 10 million points in 2017, and has more than doubled this number since then. In fact, it has also become very useful Final Thoughts games to date. Consider telling them something like this would happen if it was the first Recent history 14 saw its dramatic decline in the last decade.

Yoshida also said that Square Enix will “have no expense on [its] investment to ensure that this game continues to be a b [its] players can be happy. ”

You consider that and its next extension, Endwalker soon, that number will see another quick jump. And sure enough, the MMO has seen a lot of interest in newcomers of late, to the point that even the game sold sales at one point. Endwalker he also saw 160-180% more pre-orders than previous expansions, Shadows.

Yoshida said that earlier this year, Square Enix had more than five years of things already planned. Recent history 14, and also talked about the possible resumption of the fire movie game one day. Now, there’s also a chance that the MMO will eventually end on the Xbox.

History Final 14: Endwalker is out for PS5, PS4, and PC on November 23rd.


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