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We’re in Duty Call season now with the newest WWII set installment, Vanguard, coming out in early November. That game is in the middle of its marketing cycle, and its Zombies mode is set to be unveiled soon. However, Activision seems to have something different to reveal now, an anti-fraud system that they hope will tackle some big-issue multiplayer Duty Call struggling with.

As announced on the official website, the company will be using a new system they call Ricochet. It will launch in parallel Vanguard, but will be fully utilized later in the year with the Pacific update at Warzone Call of Duty. It will use a kernel-level driver on a PC that will monitor applications for those who appear to be trying to manipulate the software to weed out fraudsters. The driver will only be forward while playing Warzone and it will not always be on. However, once Ricochet is used, he will be required to play Warzone. The service will only be on PC for now, but it is said that this will also help console players experiencing cross play with PC. You can read the details through their blog through here.

Duty Call: Vanguard releases on November 5th for most major platforms, and Warzone Call of Duty is currently ongoing.


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