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Reports of a 4K variant of the Switch, popularly dubbed by the Switch Pro, have been around for some time now, and especially in the last few months, have been really warming up. A recent report claimed that even after the launch of the OLED Switch, a 4K Switch model was still in the works, with development kits already sent to some developers – which is something that Nintendo itself has’ to deny emphatically.

But now, more new details may have emerged about the device, thanks to a video uploaded by a generally known and credible Nintendo in-house NateDrake (via ReplaceEra), which claims that what was originally in the works as a Switch Pro transformed the center of production and is now regarded internally as Switch 2, or a full successor to the current console.

According to NateDrake, the console will support 4K via DLSS (which is something Switch Pro reports have been claiming for months), and that development kits were sent to various large developers in late 2020, with smaller teams is getting kits this year. . Various games for the console are allegedly already in development, including some selections and some portals of PlayStation and Xbox titles.

The interior goes on to claim that some of these games under development hope to be made with production by the end of 2022. As for the console itself, Nintendo is allegedly targeting a late 2022 / start 2023. The console launch will fall within that six-month period depending on supply and production constraints.

Interestingly, this Switch successor probably doesn’t support backwards compatibility with the Switch yet, due to the fact that it has some key hardware differences with the original console, but it has been claimed that Nintendo is looking at other options to ensure backwards compatibility. make it in.

This is all unverified information, of course, and especially when it comes to a company as secretive and unpredictable as Nintendo, any leak is best taken with a pinch of salt. Back in early 2020, Nintendo suggested that the Switch is at the halfway point in its lifecycle, so it will be interesting to see how long the company waits before releasing a full successor to the platform. Nintendo consoles have traditionally had 5-6 year cycles, though there is no guarantee that the Switch will follow that pattern.

The recent launch of the OLED Switch has certainly boosted Nintendo’s hybrid device, especially where sales are concerned, with the device having a fairly successful UK launch last week. Read more about that throughout here. Recently, reports have also highlighted the fact that the OLED Switch dock includes new hardware that makes it capable of 4K / 60 FPS output, although the device itself, of course, can’t do the same thing.


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