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Following a recent launch Dread Metroid on the Nintendo Switch, Metroid fan page Shinesparkers has taken to Twitter to reveal some pretty interesting information. In the UK, Metroid games on different platforms have seen a resurgence in sales following the release of the latest game.

As noted in the tweet, Wii U’s main seller right now Metroid Fusion. No Metroid Mission, Chief of Metroid Trilogy, a Super Metroid occupies the 2nd, 7th, and 9th positions respectively. Metroid: Samus Returns currently in 3rd place on the 3DS. An important point worth noting is that these sales figures come from the system’s e-Shops in the UK region.

Dread Metroid has been enjoying great critical and commercial reception, becoming the fastest sales Metroid game in the UK, and enjoy the best launch ever for a Metroid game in Japan.

Of course, the OLED Switch has also been enjoying some great sales figures following its recent launch. To that end, rumors of Switch 2 have recently come to light, as a notable immigrant suggests a targeted release window of late 2022 / early 2023.


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