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Sledgehammer Games is leading the campaign and is a multiplayer for Duty Call: Vanguard but Zombies remain in the Treyarch zone. In a new trailer, the latter showcased how the new Zombies mode ties in Call of Duty: Cold War Black Ops while expanding on the Dark Aether story line. Check it out below.

Although it did not provide too much detail, the developer confirmed the existing of new Dark Aether skills. Some allow freezing of the undead within a certain area, slowing them down significantly, while others create shocking orbs to damage them instantly. Normal WWII weapons can also be seen although players will likely be able to upgrade them during a game.

Duty Call: Vanguard out on November 5th for Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S, PS4, PS5 and PC. Players on PS4 and PS5 will receive “exclusive benefits” in line with a recent Story Mode trailer. Stay tuned for more details on the same in the coming weeks.


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