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Hazard Zone will be playable on all seven launch maps and Dark Market Credits can only be earned through gameplay, not real money.

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In addition to the first trailer and details for That 2042’s Hazard Zone, DICE manufacturer Amo Mostofi and technical director Daniel Berlin answered many questions about making a new statement. They also noted that a Hazard Zone match can be shortened to five minutes or as long as 20 minutes “based on how you play, when you choose to withdraw, and when you progress.” Danger zones can be played on seven maps of the game.

Players will use Specials on each map but cannot have more than one match on your team. One of the four should be unique. As for XP and how it is released to the team, everyone gets XP for the total number of records removed and a bonus based on individual actions. But for the Inhabitants (aka AI-controlled enemies) that are in a game, their behavior will be inevitable.

“They might roam the map, chase you, or defend important points. How many soldiers you fight is different and you rely on your actions and luck, so study carefully. ”When you die, you can view your team and use the Redeploy Uplink or the Squad Redeploy Call-in. “If your whole team gets stuck in the dust, the mission is failed and you lose the game. But if only one member survives and runs the Redeploy Call-in (available globally or purchased with DMC before the game starts), they can bring the entire team back to life. “

According to Dark Business, which is used to buy weapons, items and equipment, they can be obtained through gameplay and not real money. Taua 2042 is out on November 19 for Xbox One, PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X / S and PC. Stay tuned for more details and gameplay towards the Danger Zone launch.

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