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Electronic Arts and DICE have revealed the first trailer as well details mo That 2042’s Hazard Zone. Set in 2040, it is focused on retrieving data from satellite satellites, and then extracting it from it. It’s easier said than done even though enemy teams, from AI-controlled enemies to other players, are also competing for the same. Check out the pull down.

Each game includes 32 games on the Xbox Series X / S, PS5 and PC (24 players were first gen consoles). From the Mission Area screen, players must choose which region to explore. Some may have a higher chance of having records but also have more enemies. Having access to record, you can choose to stay and get more, you may risk being pulled for more rewards or taken away.

Each of the four Special Forces teams and players can purchase different weapons and equipment using Dark Market Money (obtained from collectibles at the end of the Risk Zone). You can also use various Tactical Upgrade Systems. There are 15 in the promotion – check out some of them below:

  • Extra Throwable – Carries +1 of your chosen score option.
  • Insider Information – Shows the occurrence of crapsinal capsules 30 seconds before they arrive.
  • Loadout Insurance – Pay 25% of upgrades and Loadout costs when you die.
  • Trading Price – – 50% Dark Market Gain when killing the Opposition
  • Quickdraw Holster – Switch between weapons 15% faster

If these aren’t enough, you’ll also have to face a storm that covers the entire map as time goes on. There are Uplinks on the field that can get the following benefits:

  • Uplink Support – Give your team a Ranger Call -in
  • Car Uplink – Give your team the LATV4 Recon Call -in
  • Redeploy Uplink – Give your team another Call -in renewal.

Based on the number of drive records accumulated, players can also earn XP for their level and Battle Pass. There’s also the Extraction Streak that reduces the total cost of weapons and items if you continue to be an expert. Be careful though, as not being able to withdraw will cause the bonus to disappear.

Hazard Zone will go live Nov. 19 at Taua 2042. Listen for more updates.


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