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We recently saw a bunch of gameplay photos and new details and editions for the future Brilliant Diamond Pokemon a Bright Pearl emerges online thanks to a round of practical forecasts, and Serebii has gathered new emerging information from these across various outlets. Some details in particular stand out.

To start, Brilliant Diamond Pokemon a Bright Pearl once again the Exp. Share an item, which will apply to all Pokémon in your party and reward each of them with experience whether or not they take part in a battle. Like Pokémon Sword a Shield, this cannot be turned off. Understandably, there is a significant contingent of the Pokemon fanbase is far from happy about this. One disappointing lack of challenge has been one of Pokemon biggest issues in recent years, and Exp. Shares contribute to that significantly, so it’s understandable that many are torn for inclusion in the upcoming remake duo.

Beyond that, other details have also emerged, such as various QoL improvements being made to the game – such as the game clearly demonstrating type effectiveness during battles, and players being able to change party Pokémon with Pokémon in the PC at any time and anywhere. In the meantime, TMs will also be single use again Great Diamond a Bright Pearl, although there are probably plenty of opportunities in the game to get more of them.

Brilliant Diamond Pokemon a Bright Pearl out for the Switch on November 19.


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