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Playground Games have announced that Forza 5’s horizon the latest – and last – episode of Let’s ¡Go! takes place October 18th at PDT 10 AM. The development team will announce the soundtrack along with offering “tons of last minute details” before releasing the game.

So far, we’ve seen quite a bit about the upcoming open-world racer. Its single-player campaign, Horizon Adventure, sees players dive into different racing disciplines that now have their own dedicated Festival Sites. Completing challenges wins Prizes that bring you one step closer to the Hall of Fame, on top of unlocking over 400 different vehicles (including the DeLorean o Back to the Future).

In multiplayer, players can embark on a cooperative racing experience with Horizon Open or participate in The Eliminator. Horizon Arcade provides all types of multiplayer mini-games as well. Horizon Forza 5 out on November 9th for Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S and PC along with launch day one on Xbox Game Pass. Visit here to learn more about its various features.


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