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Battles in Rising Myths get pretty tricky as you go along, especially when dealing with some of the bosses and Lords of Renan. But the real challenge lies in the end game once the story is complete. So how do you stand a chance? All party members have highly recommended weapons and armor that can make the difference between life and death. So let’s look at all of them here, starting with Alphen.

Keep in mind that many of these weapons (including the Devil’s Arms, which we’ll cover later) can only be crafted when finishing the game and loading your clear data.

Alphen’s best weapon is the Realm Unifier. It’s crafted by having the Iron Pipe from The Mysterious Pair side raid, four Ominous Eyeballs (dropped by Astral Sloth in Helgarahi Tarphal), two Cursed Claws (dropped by Astral Doubt in the same area) and five Fang Blistering (which can only be obtained from Furious Boar in The Otherworld which opens upon completion of the story). His best armor is Heavenly Armor, located in The Otherworld’s Cavern of Fate Shallows. You will need the Destiny key and the “Inner Visitors” side quest to access the venue.

Coming to Shionne, her best weapon is the Spiral Monochrome, which requires 10 Titanfang Rending (dropped by Force Wolf in Lenegis), two Gloaming Crystals (dropped by Punisher in The Otherworld), four Dragon Scales (dropped by Ignite Dragon in The Otherworld) and two Granite Pieces (dropped by Magmalem at Berg Volcano). Her best armor is Renas Superbia, also found in The Otherworld. You’ll find it in Volcano By Level and must have a Scarlet Night Key.

Rinwell’s best weapon is the Oblivion Ring. To craft it, you’ll need 10 Mystical Luminacores (dropped by Blooming Roper in The Wedge), four Dark Tree Bloods (dropped by Illuminated Roper in The Otherworld), two Dark Manes and two Majestic feathers ( dropped by Astral Famine at Helgarahi Tarfhal). To get her best armor, the Dahnas Animus, you’ll need to travel to Spirit Forest Shadows in The Otherworld with the Symphony Key required to open the chest.

Handy’s best tool is the Unyielding Braces, which can actually be obtained by completing the “The Reminder Device” side quest. This is located in the lower level of Daeq Faezol. Virtuous Wolf Vest is his best armor and can be obtained from the Oracle Snowcap Entrance at The Otherworld. You will need the Abyss Key to open the chest with it.

As for Kisara, her best weapon is Matriarch Martel and can be obtained by crafting. You will need 10 Indomitable Gargantubones (dropped by Armatus Bos or Armatus Equus in The Wedge), two Sculpture Hearts (dropped by Immortal Figure in The Otherworld), two Incendiary Scales (obtained by Blast Bee in Gegham Helgarahi) and two Gloaming Crystals. Her best weapon, Insurrectionist Armor, is found at Dragon Slumber Mountain in The Otherworld and needs a Zest key to unlock the chest.

Finally, for Dohalim, his best weapon is Liber Pater. It needs 10 Mystical Luminacore, four Mucus Sacs (dropped by Agate Shell in The Otherworld), one Crystal Gloaming and four Incendiary Scales. His best armor is Magnus Dominus, who is also found at Dragon Slumber Mountain in The Otherworld and who also requires a Zest Key to open his chest.

How to Obtain Devil Weapons

Devil Weapons Weapons are considered some of the best de facto weapons in a Stories game. While they have low base stats, their attack power ratings are based on the number of enemies a character has killed. This takes into account all the enemies killed until the weapon is obtained, so if you’ve already racked up a good number of killings, then the Devil’s Arms will already be extremely powerful. Also you don’t have to control the other party members and get killed with them – any enemies killed by the AI ​​will also account for that character’s Devil Weapons.

The catch is that Devil’s Arms can only be obtained from The Otherworld. This is unlocked after finishing the story and accessing your clear data. Eventually, a new inquest, “Extraterrestrial Visitors”, will be unlocked and taken to the area. Make sure you are ready since the hardest enemies stay in these dungeons. Let’s go over each character’s Devil’s Arm and where to find it.

  • Nebilim (Alphen) – Found in Judas upon defeating his boss. You need the Vesper Key to unlock it.
  • Damonisch Core (Shionne) – Found at Volcano Rejuvenation Summit while beating the puzzle. Requires Scarlet Night Key to enter.
  • Fallen Records (Rinwell) – Found at Oracle Snowcap Summit after killing the boss. Requires the Abyssal Key.
  • Demon’s Cry (Law) – Located at Dragon Slumber Mountain while beating the boss. Need Zest Key.
  • Os Rex (Kisara) – Located in Spirit Forest Depths while defeating his boss. The Symphony Key is required to unlock.
  • Diablo Nox (Dohalim) – Found in the Cave of Depth of Fate after defeating his boss. You will need the Destiny Key to unlock it.

Another benefit of having Devil’s Arms is that they can be taken into New Game Plus, making them an extremely potent weapon from the very beginning. If you are looking to take on all those challenges Rising Myths to offer, it’s worth going out of your way to get it.

Rising Myths currently available for Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S, PS4, PS5 and PC. For more tips and tricks, go here.


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