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Kena’s journey as a Spirit Guide isn’t without danger but thankfully, she’s got plenty of skills in hand. Here’s how to level up and unlock them.

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It’s just like improving one’s health, improving it up Gehenna: Bridge of Spirits it’s not just a matter of defeating enemies and gaining insightful experience. Instead, Hell is high on finding different rot souls. These are the results of cleaning up Corruption, from the chest, examining the environment and overcoming dominance. The DualSense will start to vibrate if a Rot is nearby and hardens. There is also a Gehenna mask that can see the footprints of Rot, further expanding where it can hide. Look for any bright pink things in the environment as well as recent ones that may be Rot.

Rot Level 1 only requires Hand Rot but as you go on, the requirements increase in level. Rot Level 2 requires 15 Rot; Rot Level 3 required 35; Rot Level 4 required 65; and Rot Level 5, the max, requires 100. As you go through the level, new abilities and upgrades will be available to Hell, including four Rot Rotions (three of which can be exchanged to be highly qualified. This can be unlocked after he has his own Karma.Increasing the level allows you to use more Rotations in battles.

Let’s all take a look at the different abilities and upgrades that Hell can have during his journey. First, there are the singing improvements. Hell can use Light and heavy attacks, and charging its attack weight will unleash a powerful attacking force. Improvements for these include the following:

  • Sprint Light Attack – Press Light attack while running to perform sweeping.
  • Sprint Attack Heavy – Press Heavy attack while running to release a force above the attack (requires unlocking Sprint Light Attack).
  • Air Slam – Pressing heavy attacks while jumping released power from the aircraft (requires Sprint Heavy Attack).
  • Good Pay – Strengthens attacks and unleashes at the right time to unlock an attacking attack that deals tons of damage (requires Rot level 3).
  • Rot Hammer (Rot Action) – While holding off heavy attacks, use Rot Action. This will trigger a Rot Hammer that can severely damage enemies. You also don’t have to approach an enemy to deal with evil.

Next, there is the shield. While holding the Lock Box, Hell will block any attacks. Taken right in front of an enemy attack they will parry and allow for re -attack. Check out all the improvements below:

  • Parry Counter – After parrying, press Light counter to execute an attack.
  • Shield Health Plus – Increases Shield health.
  • Parry Courage – If you parry an attack, then you get Rot Action for free (requires Rot level 3 and Shied Health Plus).
  • Shield Health ++ – Increases Shield health (requires Rot level 4 and Parry Courage).
  • Enter the Fray – Upon entering a battle, one Rot Action gains instant access.

The staff of Hell can be transformed into the Spirit Bow to attack enemies from many along with solving puzzles. There is a limit to the number of times you can first shoot the bow that needs to be refurbished. Here are its various improvements:

  • Aim – Slows down time after being locked into an enemy and pulling a bow.
  • Multishot Binding – Upon binding an enemy and shooting them, the arrow will destroy nearby enemies (need to focus to unlock).
  • Enhanced Quiver – Shoot a high -powered arrow before it recovers.
  • Increase Quiver ++ – Shoot a total of six arrows before the bow refills (requires Rot Level 3 and Increase Quiver).
  • Rot Infused Arrow (Rot Action) – While drawing the arrow, press Rot Action. This will build a burial arrow with Rot’s abilities that can deal more damage and pierce enemies.

After Taro’s quest and going to the Shop, you will learn the Spirit Bomb technique. No, this is not like that Dragon Ball Z This method can be used to make special floating rocks for a while, which is useful for solving puzzles. Of course, it can also deal damage to nearby enemies. Let’s take a look at his improvements here:

  • Quickdraw Bomb – If Hell fires the Spirit Bomb before it explodes, then the damage increases. This is very easy if you are Open Release and slow down the time as the bow slides.
  • Different Bombs – Make Double Bombs at the same time.
  • Rot Infused Bomb (Rot Action) – Hold a Rotate Bomb and then press Rot Action to set the Rot power. By breaking the fence, the fence will not only slowly close enemies but also other projects.

Another notable method is the Spirit Dash which unlocks later and has no upgrades. It allows for speed in battles with formidable enemies as well as crossing barriers and circling the Spirit World. Spirit enemies can also be defeated when first hit in Spirit Dash.

For more help and tricks, head here. Gehenna: Bridge of Spirits currently available for PS4, PS5 and PC – read our official review here for more details.

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