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an infinite halo

Infinite Halo has been winning over the masses with his impressive multiplayer betas, but there’s still plenty of doubt where his single player campaign is at stake – and for good reason, too. Its initial showing in June last year didn’t exactly take the world by storm, even contributing to long delays for a game that was originally slated for Holiday 2020, and since then, we’ve seen next to no campaign gameplay . The fact that the game campaign won’t have a co-op at launch hasn’t helped either.

It seems that 343 Industries and Microsoft will be ready to show more of the single player campaign soon. Tom Henderson recently took to Twitter saying that Xbox will be making some “big announcements” this week, while Infinite Halo a campaign display is also coming soon. Whether the two are one and the same remains to be seen, but either way, a Infinite Halo it’s time to showcase a campaign at the moment. The game is out in less than two months after all.

343 Industries has previously emphasized on several occasions that it will show more of the campaign before its launch, and has continued to do so so that the development team could focus on wrapping production and polishing the product. game.

Infinite Halo launches for Xbox Series X / S, Xbox One, and PC on December 8.


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