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Call of Duty’s latest anti-cheat Ricochet is already in the hands of cheaters, not long after its recent reveal and announcement.

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Call of Duty It recently released its new kernel-level anti-cheat Ricochet that will be used by both Call of Duty: Vanguard (in promotion) as well as Call of Duty: Warzone(follow map update) As reported by Sui, many cheaters have already gotten their hands on anti-cheat, and they are more likely to get cracked.

Activision reportedly quickly built anti-cheat to select third-parties, and some hackers were able to get to the files. However, Activision isn’t too scared in the whole situation, since it’s building a fast one that’s pretty easy to break.

“As long as they’re not testing and non-obfuscated versions (for example non-obfuscated versions or a version with blank markers) the only effect is the cheat devs get a little bit of a head start. It’s running in a public test it seems to be more important to Activision than secrecy, ”Paul Chamberlain (a former member of Riot’s Vanguard anti-cheat system) told Vice.

“It will help people who will in any situation be able to avoid that first statement. The false liars don’t go forward to twist in any other direction because they don’t have the skills to go to war. ”Is one explanation.

Call of Duty has long struggled with fraudsters, so it’s clear that Activision needs Ricochet to solve its permanent problems. Whether this plan is fruit -free or not remains to be seen for now.

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