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Death Stranding Director’s Cut Review – Special Delivery

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To call Death stranding a controversial game would be a bit of an understatement. There are as many people who absolutely love him, as well as those who were repulsed by his routine; there are as many supporters of its glorious and desolate world, its unique online mechanics, its mechanical depth, as there are harsh critics of its awkward storytelling and overbearing narrative, its deliberate rhythm and structure, its emptiness and repetition.

Both camps have valid points of course, but no matter which camp you fall into, Director’s Cut Death Stranding will not greatly affect your opinion in one way or another. Calling this a “director’s cut” is not entirely true – the fact that game director Hideo Kojima agrees with himself – the additions and improvements proposed here are much more limited than the real director’s versions, for example, for Ghost of Tsushima or Person 5… So those who already like Death stranding or haven’t played it yet, but are fascinated by its ideas, there is something to love in its extended reissue.

As a remaster for the PS5, the game has certainly received visual and performance improvements, and the consistent 60fps frame rate is praiseworthy in particular. At the technical level Director’s Cut not a big leap, but Death stranding was already a damn beautiful game, so no one would refuse a clearer, sharper and more beautiful version of it. Other PS5 features are also used, from instant boot up to DualSense haptic feedback and adaptive triggers.

The first one is especially effective – trekking in any terrain is an important part of the experience in Death strandingso if it goes hand in hand with subtle tactile feedback in your palms as you take each step, that’s a great bonus. Meanwhile, thanks to better training, the game’s opening hours should also be less impressive than in the original release.

“At the technical level Director’s Cut not a big leap, but Death stranding was already a damn beautiful game, so no one would refuse a clearer, sharper and more beautiful version of it. “

In terms of new additions, the biggest is Ruined Factory, a new location added to the first area of ​​the game next to Capital Knot City, which serves as the location for a number of new stealth-focused missions. The idea of ​​new content to play through is certainly tempting, especially considering that it is hidden content created by Hideo Kojima and his team, but to be honest, this idea is not being implemented. Death stranding’s mechanical advantages lie in bypassing it, scheduling supplies, and leveraging the game’s social mechanics, and even the game’s biggest fans admit that when it comes to stealth and combat, Death stranding has serious disadvantages. With that in mind, it’s no surprise that the new stealth-focused missions aren’t anything special.

The interiors of the dilapidated factory are well-designed, and they definitely refresh the change of scenery in a game dominated by massive stretches of empty, beautiful wasteland. But real mechanics have wobbly legs, and the fact that these missions by their very nature shed light on these mechanics only exacerbates the problem. The structure of these missions can also be a little annoying. The factory consists of several sections, each of which is locked behind a closed door that opens after completing a mission. Having to leave the factory to complete a mission, accept a mission for a newly discovered area, and repeatedly return to the factory can tire you very quickly.

Another addition is the racetrack, which offers a completely different kind of side activity than what you usually associate with. Death stranding… It can be found south of the Timefall farm in the central region, and once you donate enough resources to build it, you can race whenever you want. However, the offers here are woefully meager. The number of tracks and vehicles available is painfully limited, and it doesn’t help that these vehicles aren’t all that fun to drive on the race track. Even with acceleration activated, the only car that comes close to real sense of speed is the new roadster, but even it has stiff and cumbersome handling. A dumb stop, even if you just lightly touch the invisible borders on the sides, happens too often due to poor control, which is never a pleasure.

Death Stranding Director Cut_03

“The offerings on the new racetrack are depressingly scarce. The number of tracks and vehicles available is painfully limited, and it doesn’t help that these cars aren’t as fun to drive around the racetrack. ”

Director’s Cut Death Stranding also adds a few new tools and equipment to the game that can be used for crawling or during delivery, and while the results are still mixed here, they are much more positive than a racetrack or even a destroyed factory. Tools such as a new support frame, a helper bot to help carry your load, and a new catapult that shoots your load over vast distances can now be crafted and used during delivery. The Catapult is definitely a fun new addition, allowing you to shoot precious items through tricky terrain and then pick them up after you get to them. However, I will say that these new tools are definitely best used when you are done playing. They can oversimplify the task, which undermines Death stranding’s inherent mechanical strength, and if you use these tools, say early on in the game and end up getting rid of all the planning and grueling trekking, all you have left will be boring boring and a simple task to get from point A to point B c very little problems.

Original Death stranding there was a lot to love, although it took a certain conviction to really appreciate it on his terms. Director’s Cut should be the ultimate way to play it, but it’s hard to say that it is. Many of its additions and improvements for the better, and most importantly – performance improvements and tactile feedback. However, a lot of what it adds undermines and undermines the original game’s strengths as they are, or not far enough, or, to put it bluntly, just not very well. At the end of the day, it doesn’t detract from the merits of the game and doesn’t really solve a few significant problems people face – but ultimately it all means this is a release that won’t change anyone. Death stranding anyway.

This game has been tested on PlayStation 5.

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