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Xbox Game Pass has emerged as Microsoft’s main strategy for gaming going forward. Whether on an Xbox console, PC or through cloud gaming, the subscription service has been what the company has pushed for the future. As with most Microsoft things, the actual numbers are difficult to find as the company has largely stopped reporting actual sales figures for their hardware and software. outside of a few rare occasions. The last time we heard a number for Xbox Game Pass was at the beginning of this year, when it was confirmed that the service had passed 18 million subscribers, but nothing else so far. Now it seems as though the company is in short supply for their previous financial year.

As revealed in their latest financial situation filing, and transcribed by Axios, Microsoft failed their planned goal last financial year running mid-2020 to mid-2021. They had hoped to hit a 48% growth with the service, but only managed to reach 37%. It’s a noticeable drop in goal and actual growth from the previous financial year, where Microsoft greatly exceeded its 71% goal by achieving 86% growth.

Now, of course, as mentioned above, it’s hard to say what this means because none of that is reported with actual subscriber numbers. At one point, the CEO of Take Two stated that the service had managed to pass 30 million users, but later reports claimed that was wrong. We will keep you updated as more information becomes available.


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