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With Bungie’s 30th anniversary coming up, Result 2 will receive a new paid prison to honor the traditional Loot Cave from Result 1. However, there was uncertainty in other prison cells in year 5, which begins when The Queen Lady launched in February 2022. Typically, prisons are available with Season Passes or extension questions (see: Pit of Heresy for Shadowkeep).

However, that is not the case for the new year. Community Manager Cozmo comments on Reddit the two adjoining rooms need to be occupied The Witch Queen Digital Deluxe Edition. “If you get the Digital Deluxe Edition of The Queen Lady who will receive the extension, all four Seasons for next year, and two Prisons. If you get the Standard Edition, you can still upgrade to the Deluxe Edition to get dungeons later. ”

Interestingly, Bungie will also offer a “separate ways” to sell prisons in the “future” but they will not be included in Season Passes. And if that’s just what you want The Queen Lady but don’t worry about the season, then you’ll have to buy different prisons. The estimated value doesn’t make much sense however and given the subreddit response, its users are less than happy about the result (especially since other paid issues like Forsaken are scheduled).

Result 2: The witch Queen is out on February 22nd 2022 for Xbox Series X / S, Xbox One, PS4, PS5, PC and Google Stadia.


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