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A week away from launch, Xbox Game Studios’ Age of Empires 4 has finally gone gold. Developed by Relic Entertainment and World’s Edge, it is the first new title in the real-time strategy franchise since 2005’s Age of Empires 3. It’s out October 28th for PC via Steam and Microsoft Store along with launch day one on Xbox Game Pass for PC.

Along with a vibrant visual aesthetic that supports 4K resolution, Age of Empires 4 includes eight civilizations like the Holy Roman Empire, the Rus, the Sultanity of Delhi, the Mongols, and more. He will have four campaigns to play through, including the Norman Campaign which sees King Harold the Anglo-Saxons and Duke William battling for the throne in 1066.

Features like naval combat and multiplayer are also returning (watch full contest here for more details). Stay tuned for more information on the full game, including updates and new content, in the coming days.


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