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Resident Evil 4 VR – Opening Village Battle Revealed in Extensive Gameplay Trailer

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Armature Studios’ Evil Resident 4 VR, a port of the 2005 Capcom classic, out today for the Oculus Quest 2. In the midst of going live reviews, some new gameplay photos have been released that showcase the opening moments of gameplay. This includes the iconic battle in the village and the Chainsaw Man aka Dr. Salvador. Check it out below courtesy of IGN.

Visually, the improved textures create a cleaner presentation but the new perspective allows for some pretty major changes in the gameplay. As well as looking at enemies running in a different direction, it also allows for more seamless aiming, especially up close. Of course, actions like lifting ammo have to be done with your own hands which also adds to the tension.

For even more gameplay photos from Evil Resident 4 VR, head here. Facebook also recently confirmed that several changes have been made to dialogue and animations, mostly revolving around Ashley, to update the game for a modern audience. Learn more about that here.

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