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Drive through the streets of Santa Ileso and take down cop cars en route to eliminating members of Los Panteros in the upcoming reboot.

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Continuing its special edition for the month, Game Informer has a new gameplay trailer for Volition’s Saints Row resume and mission start. The first tapes however provide a good exposure to the world of Santo Ileso as the Saints try to climb their way to the top. Check it out below.

With the avoidance of police, who can wipe out side-streets, players must kill the people of Los Panteros. They are one of three groups operating the town and accepting its most stringent traditions. In terms of tactics, the Panteros are very fond of weapons, they don’t help much in battles, but they are willing to use the guns and explosives as needed.

Saints Row is currently working for Xbox One, PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X / S and PC for release on February 25th 2022. For more gameplay, check out the new Wingsuit here and how it helps to navigate the new city .

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