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A recent update to Valve’s Half Life 2 increased the FoV cap of the game to 110 and added support for ultrawide decisions. Half Life 2 was originally released in 2004, and this sudden update more than a decade later is certainly strange. This was highlighted by YouTuber Tyler McVicker, whose video you can check out below.

That said, it’s also great that the update fixes two of the most annoying issues with the original form of the game. Furthermore, the update has also added Vulkan support, which suggests that this update is focused on the upcoming Valve Steam Desk. Strengthening the feeling is an update similar to Portal 2 very recently.

Valve has recently revealed that it is testing the entire Steam library for the Steam Deck, so it is possible that these updates are being made to improve the experience for platform users, especially given how big of a game this is, and how long it’s been since it came out.


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