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MercurySteam has release the first update for Dread Metroid on the Nintendo Switch. It’s not the most extensive but update 1.0.1 offers a solution to a critical issue that could hamper progress as the game ends. This happened when using a late-game weapon on a door that has a map marker mounted on it.

Along with repairing the same, the update addresses “several other issues” to improve the “overall gameplay experience.” However, those have not been mentioned so you will need to play the game for yourself. Dread Metroid released for the Switch on October 8th and combined with strong critical acclaim, has done well in sales. At launch, the fastest sale came Metroid game in the UK till date when becoming the fourth highest selling title in the series for Japan.

Check out our review here for more details on what makes the game so good. Despite the positive acceptance, MercurySteam has faced criticism for waiving developers from the credits. You can read more about it here.

Dread Metroid Update 1.0.1 Release Notes

General Repairs

  • Fixed issue where, if a map marker is placed on a specific door on the map screen (the door destroyed with the beam found at the end of the game), destroying that door at the end of the game would cause the game powerful. stop with the message “Software closed because an error occurred”.
  • Fixed several other issues to improve overall gameplay experience.


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