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Re-Logic has repeatedly said that it is done with the addition of content Terraria, its critically acclaimed and multi-million pound sandbox action RPG. Heck, the last update was called End of Tour (followed by the The End of a True Journey update but we wander). Nevertheless, something is in the works and could include Klei Entertainment’s Don’t go hungry.

On Twitter, he teased “just a few Terraria news ”with GIF taken from Don’t go hungry (along with what appeared to be the Eye of Cthulhu). Over on Steam, he noted that optimization for Steam Deck was done before stating, “You know how we always say we are done adding content to Terraria? Well, for that … oh, wait, sorry, wrong game! Carry on, nothing to see here … ”

If that doesn’t come down to something then what is it? The release seems to indicate that new content is associated with Don’t go hungry coming to Terraria. However, the former could also receive content from the latter, maybe Cthulhu’s Eye is a new puzzle monster. We’ll have to wait for more details so in the meantime, stay tuned.


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