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While a team consisting of former Arkane Studios dev tells you they’re making a new immersive sim, you’re listening. WolfEye Studios’ Weird West it seemed like a visual thrill since it was first announced, and with its challenging immersive sim gameplay, RPG engineering action, and a beautiful scene that mixes western wildlife and dark fantasy, it seems to offer some sort of experience. many other games made.

The Fall 2021 window for the game has been announced for some time now, but as 2021 approaches, some are questioning whether the game will be too late. Just as quickly as we search. Judging by developer WolfEye Studios ’action game, it looks like the opening date for Weird West will be announced soon. How recent? No story- but we don’t seem to have to wait long to find out exactly when we’ll be able to play the game. This hope is beyond the end of the year.

Whenever it starts, Weird West will be available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.


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