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DICE’s Taua 2042 has received a new pull, showing the last hand Special Draw that will be available at launch. First up is Emma “Sundance” Rosier, a type of attack that can use a wing and is armed with Smart Explosives that have functions such as EMP, anti-armor and Scatter. Check it out below.

The other Santiago “Dozer” Espinoza, the other Special Destroyer uses the ballistic shield to block damage from the front and also quickly recovers from the damage that explodes. Ji -Soo Paik is a Special Recon special with a scanner that identifies enemies within walls – his important pass of enemies that shot him. Navin Rao is another Recon expert who can “attack” enemies – killing an attack target will show enemies close. Objects such as pylons and enemy equipment can also be attacked.

At the end, there’s Constantin “Angel” Angel, a Special Support who can summon a special box that allows him to swap loads. His bus also allows them to resuscitate their team quickly and repair some of their armor in action. Taua 2042 is out on November 19 for Xbox Series X / S, Xbox One, PS4, PS5 and PC. There are 10 special features available at the promotion – check out some of the others here.


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