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The Elder Guidebook 5: Skyrim Anniversary Edition it goes into the new moon and is actually a super-duper re-release to celebrate the game’s 10th year. With the addition of fishing, it allows players to travel the world and, well, catch fish. It’s a simple but surprising time past for many in games.

In a new tweet, Bethesda Game Studios confirmed that you can also keep fish you find in a water container. With so many different types of materials to match, there seems to be no limit to the number of aquariums one can have. Yes, if you want to hang fish on the wall with your Fire is fire home, that is also possible.

The Elder Guidebook 5: Skyrim Anniversary Edition launched on November 11th for Xbox Series X / S and PS5. It will be a free upgrade for Skyrim Special Edition owns and also includes the Savior Along with 74 different creations. Stay tuned for more details in the coming weeks.


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