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In a recent blog post O IAofficial website, Taua 2042 The creator of DICE is sure that the various components missing from the beta will be in the final release. In the blog post, the developer also revealed the beta version of a long -built version of the game.

Features like the Ping system, Big Map, and more will be in the final release, which should be a sigh of relief for the anxious.

“Big Map when we looked at it inside, it was incomplete,” the developer explained. “Some of you have seen Key Bindings, and many of you are only expected to be based on past behavior in Such a field sports. We have it in our works today. You can drag this up at any time during gameplay, by pressing the View / Touchpad button on the Console, or the M on PC. It gives you a closer look at where battles are taking place, where your partner is fighting, and it doesn’t matter how the flag flies in each area. “

“Ping didn’t work as well as we’d like during the Open Beta, but with launch, you can expect it to be more efficient when you’re pinging enemy locations, assets, and troops.”

Concerns and excitement remain on Taua 2042 it is about to open. The game’s beta release feels like the game has had a lot of spots, with some fans enjoying it while others are criticizing a lot of the government’s rumor that it had a beta.


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