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This year has been a bit of fiery news aimed at Activision Blizzard with the fierceness coming down on the Blizzard side of things. From lawsuits, to investigations, to the dropping of key workers after all, it’s been a seismic shift for the company, at least on the public relations side of things. Even the games themselves have been caught in the crossfire. Now one example of that is changing the name of one of the characters in Overwatch.

It was revealed earlier in the year that McCree would be getting a name change. If you’re not aware, McCree was named after a former employee who was one of many involved in the various claims of Blizzard’s work culture. Now we know that name will be Cole Cassidy. As you can see from the official Twitter below, the reason in the game for the change is probably that McCree is always an alias, and Cole Cassidy is the real name of the gun shooter.

Overwatch available now on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch and PC. Overwatch 2 under development for the same systems with rumors indicating that the company is aiming to release the game sometime in Q2 2022.


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