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New World Guide – All Factions and Buffs Earned From Capturing Regions

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Amazon’s A New World, like any MMORPG, includes cohorts. These include the Covenant, Marauders and Syndicate, and each has its own background story and goals. As such, there is no real gameplay difference between them – as soon as you reach level 10, you can pledge to any of them, regardless of weapons or abilities. Once you complete their quest line, you become a full member of the squad.

The one thing that influences factions is the Companies you can join. Essentially, companies are player-run guilds and they are all affiliated with a specific faction. Depending on the Company joined, you will receive different skins for your gear. The types of cohort missions that can be accepted are also restricted by your cohort, although they are virtually the same in mechanics and XP allocated.

If you are not happy with a particular faction, either because it is not doing so well or because of its looks, then you can swap to another. The first squad change is free but after that, you’ll have to wait 120 days to change again (and you can’t join the best-performing competitor at the time).

In terms of Companies – as they are run by players, it is their Officers who decide whether or not you are admitted. Companies usually recruit through the in-game conversation so it’s a good idea to contact there. Company can have up to 100 players.

If you want to start a Company, go to the Companies tab in the menu. Choose a name and represent a ridge, and then start recruiting members to join. A Company is overseen by a Governor, followed by a Consul and Officers. Settlers essentially remain in Company territory and may be invited (or removed) by Officers. Consuls have the same permission as the Governor but cannot access the Treasury. The Governor is responsible for how the Company’s funds are dispersed and everyone has to pay some form of tax.

Capture Territories and Regions

Fighting for your Squad may seem like a fun way to mess with other players or get involved in straight PvP. However, there are real, tangible benefits from holding forts in different territories. Different buffers take effect depending on the territory and region held. On top of this, you also get unique buffs depending on the region that is covered.

Territory management nets a five percent increase to XP earnings and a 20 percent increase to influence gain. Capturing a region is netting a 70 per cent reduction on fast travel costs, + 50 Luck, a 20 per cent reduction in house purchase costs, a 10 per cent boost to Collect, and a 30 per cent reduction in taxes. Let’s take a look at the specific buffs you can earn from each captured region, in addition to the above. These all stack together, providing some good motivation for your squad to conquer everything.

  • Reekwater – Craft taxes fell five percent.
  • Monarch’s Bluffs – Fast travel costs are reduced to one Azoth per 100 meters traveled (compared to five Azoths per 100 meters). Azoth is gained from completing main quests, using the Azoth Extraction perk and sometimes as drops from enemies after level 20.
  • Windsward – The number of items collected increases five percent.
  • Weaver’s Fen – A five percent increase to Territory from Faction Mission, Faction Tokens, gold and XP awards.
  • Brightwood – Five per cent reduction in housing tax.
  • First Light – When using fast travel, the cost is reduced from five Azoths per 10 weights to one Azoth per 10 weights.
  • Cutlass Keyes – The cost of basic fast travel is reduced by 50 percent Azoth.
  • Everfall – Trade tax fell five percent.
  • Mourningdale – A five percent increase to Faction Tokens, Standing Territory from Expeditions, XP and gold earned.
  • Ebonscale Reach – Refined taxes fell five percent.
  • Restless Beach – Five percent increase to Territory of Contaminated Cuts, XP, gold and Faction Tokens won.

A New World currently available for PC. For more details, check out our review here.

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