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Be destructive in Car Demolition Clicker out now on Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One

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Car Demolition Clicker xbox

Clicker games come in many different forms; just look at how vastly dissimilar the top-down strategic Lord of the Click is when compared to the bizarre serving of clicker action in Mr. Massagy: Mayo Edition. The latest addition to the genre on Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One, Car Demolition Clicker, basically makes a whole game out of destroying cars – a bit like that bonus stage in Street Fighter. Are you ready for a smashing time?

Car Demolition Clicker sells itself, doesn’t it? It’s a casual experience that will allow you the chance of smashing up a car, with zero consequences. Just grab a weapon, imagine these vehicles belong to your greatest nemesis, and begin clicking the soon-to-be obliviated transportation device.Through your mass destruction, you’ll earn cash to spend on upgrading your equipment, while also acquiring support weapons and special abilities. . Whether you wish to break the windows, smash the hood, blow the tires or blast them with a rocket launcher, that’s your choice.

Prepare to cause mayhem within an alley in the night, a construction site, a gas station, and more. Don’t be afraid to make the most of the dangerous environment either, with stage hazards like explosive barrels just waiting to help you to decimate the cars. And speaking of cars, there are different kinds of cars to annihilate; ranging from a van and an American truck, to a massive bulldozer.

If you want to let off a bit of steam with Car Demolition Clicker, it’ll cost a mere £5.79 from the Xbox Store for the privilege to do so. Once you’ve had a quick blast on it, get in touch and let us know how much of a smashing time you had by leaving a comment below.

Game Description:

Ever dreamed of smashing your own car? Or maybe a car of your neighbour? Well… now you have a chance! Grab your weapon, call out your battle drones and start clicking the car into oblivion! Earn cash, upgrade your equipment and find more vehicles to destroy! Tons of upgrades, support weapons, special abilities and explosions! Taste the destruction at it’s best in this clicker game. We put much effort into graphical detail and design to bring you a high quality product. Alley in the night, construction site or gas station are some of the beautiful stages we have cooked up for you. Try to destroy different types of cars – from a Van through american Truck to a massive Bulldozer. Break the window, smash the hood, blow the tires and in the end blast them with a rocket launcher. Our main goal was to create a unique clicker experience – in both graphics and gameplay. You will see cool destruction mechanics, nice visual effects, car paint that gets more and more scratched. But what brings even more fun – is buying those high level support weapons. f that’s not enough – use stage hazards like explosive barrels or call upon your battle drones to destroy the cars faster and earn even more gold! You will love those tools of destruction. But beware – boss fight can be tricky! Better buy some damage perks – just in case!

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