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Get all loved-up in RPG adventure Haven on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Game Pass, PS5 and PC

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Love is in the air as the rather intimate RPG Haven takes us to an unknown world on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Game Pass, PlayStation 5 and PC. Will you be able to settle down and get comfortable, while dealing with relationship struggles and enemy confrontations?

Haven is the latest game from The Game Bakers, best known for the boss-filled Furi, and it puts you in the role of two lovers – playing either by yourself or alongside someone else locally. The premise sees you exploring an unfamiliar planet, gathering parts and useful materials for use in fixing a ship. This ship could prove to be a cosy little home, where you can indulge in relatable couple life, such as cooking meals and crafting together. It’s not all romance and lovely moments though, for the world isn’t always a kind place to reside.

As you glide over the grass and venture through the uneven terrains of the dreamy planet, you’ll not just uncover secret areas, but encounter the native creatures. While some are friendly, others will attempt to tear you apart and destroy your relationship in the process. To overcome these fights, you must synchronise your actions in real-time combat, hoping to find the perfect timing and rhythm during battle.

The romantic space adventure of Haven could be the ideal co-op experience for your next foray into gaming together. Whatever the draw is for you though, you’ll need to open up the wallet and pay the fee of £20.99 on the Xbox Store – and other digital stores. If you’re an Xbox Game Pass subscriber, then it’s your lucky day, because Haven launches straight into the library, enabling you to play at no extra cost. How wonderful is that?

Our review is now ready for your eyes, as is our full tips and tricks article – basically what you need to know before embarking on a journey with Haven – but in the meantime, feel free to get in touch and let us know all of your thoughts surrounding Haven via the comments section below.

Game Description:

Two lovers gave up everything and escaped to a lost planet to be together. Glide through a mysterious landscape, explore a fragmented world and fight against what’s trying to tear them apart in this RPG adventure about love, rebellion, and freedom. Does love really conquer all? Yu and Kay have escaped to a forgotten planet, leaving everything they knew behind. Play two lovers at the same time as they settle into an unknown world. Explore the planet looking for parts and material to fix your ship and make it a cosy home. Enjoy moments of everyday life as a relatable couple while cooking meals, crafting and collecting precious resources to make it to the next day. Fight against those trying to tear you apart by synchronizing actions in combat, finding the perfect timing and rhythm, while controlling both characters and battling to keep them and their relationship alive. In this unexpected RPG adventure, explore the beautifully eerie and unstable planet while enjoying the thrilling soundtrack of renowned musician, DANGER.

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