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PlayStation indies boss Shuhei Yoshida has taken to Twitter to post a photo of Horizon Zero Dawn running on Valve’s upcoming handheld device.

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PlayStation’s indie owner Shuhei Yoshida recently took to Twitter to post a photo of Guerilla Games’ Horizon Zero Dawn running on Valve’s Steam Deck. The former owner of SIE Worldwide Studios seems to be testing the game, and from the looks of it, the visuals are well -tuned (although of course, it’s hard to do until we actually see the game. activities for ourselves).

The colors and environments seem muddy, although it is not possible to confirm whether these visual displays are part of the test or are the best way to see the game on stage. That said, it’s pretty cool to play the game on a desktop PC like Steam Deck.

Yoshida has long been a fan of games, and his Twitter history includes similar tests for devices like the GPD Win handheld. In fact, a lot of enthusiasts have expressed their desire for a handset from Sony, even though it seems unlikely that anything on those lines will be accomplished any time soon if it does, because the devastating crash of the PS Vita.

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