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Last year Avengers of Marvel looks like a slam dunk. In addition to being a headline big money story from a major publisher, there was a pair of solid developers behind it with Crystal Dynamics and Eidos Montreal, and it was suddenly based on one of the most popular IPs. in the world. However, in the end, it’s not the run home you expect. While the game continues to gain support, according to reports, the game has reportedly suffered a series of losses for Square Enix and has not received any more. by the development game this past year. What leads to that disappointment? Well, President Square has an opinion.

Speak through the company’s annual report and record b VGC, Yosuke Matsuda talked a lot about what happened at the project. He referred to the GaaS (Game as a Service) model, in particular its use here and its inconsistency with that model and the labs that developed the game (Crystal Dynamics is the main theme on the title, and Eidos Montreal is a huge support room, no one has worked on a GaaS product in the past). He said that while they think the GaaS model could still be useful, the key is to match schools and their emerging strengths in the future.

“We overcame a lot of unforeseen difficulties in the last phase of the game’s development, including the need to change to work-from-home due to the disease. We were able to overcome these challenges and open the game, but unfortunately it didn’t prove to be as successful as we’d like.

“However, the creation of GaaS models revealed challenges we may face in future game development efforts such as the need to select games that suit unique characteristics and tastes. our rooms and developments.

“While the new challenge we faced with this title had an unfortunate outcome, we are confident that the GaaS approach will grow in importance as the game expands. The way we innovate is through in integrating this model into our game design is an important question that we need to answer going forward.

Avengers of Marvel is now available for more major releases and more DLC planned for later in the year.


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