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Shoot 1UP DX pulls a SHMUP twist on Xbox One and Series X|S

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shoot 1up dx xbox

For years the 1UP mechanic has ensured that when death arrives, your game is not thought to be over. But with Shoot 1UP DX, that same mechanic twists things up a little, letting you bring that life into play immediately – with the chance of seeing up to 30 player ships blasting out destruction all at the same time. 

Available to purchase and download on Xbox One and Xbox Series X, just a day after release on Nintendo Switch, Shoot 1UP DX from Mommy’s Best Games takes that tried and tested SHMUP experience before pushing it in an altogether different angle. 

Priced at a mere £4.99, Shoot 1UP DX will let you play as ALL your ships at once, creating chaos, causing destruction and ensuring that your thoughts and comments surrounding bullet-hell experiences require a reconsider. You see, whilst you may start off as a measly solo pilot, as you work your way through Shoot 1UP DX, taking down foes and picking up collectible 1UPs, those ships will immediately come into play, resulting in nothing short of mayhem. 

Eight stages play host to the entirety of Shoot 1UP DX, and each of those comes with the chance to branch off in differing ways, the opportunities to take down end of stage bosses, AND bring plenty of exploration in the hope you can snag a secret powerup or two. With weapons galore, and more bullets then you can imagine, if you’re a SHMUP fan, or are looking forward to scratching an itch by involving yourself with I, AI, Shoot 1UP DX could well fill the gap. The promise of local cooperative play should further seal the deal, as should the fact this has been remastered, with higher resolution art, new enemies, more levels, and a locked framerate of 60fps.

Features include:

  • Command up to 30 ships at the same time!
  • 2 player local cooperative play for 60 simultaneous player ship insanity!
  • Contract your phalanx to dodge enemy fire, expand your ships to fire the plasma auger!
  • Weapons upgrade as you collect more ships (And they downgrade when you lose them so stay sharp!)
  • Sacrifice ships for a bullet-vaporizing bomb which increases in power the more ships you’ve collected!
  • Hardcore? Crank up the difficulty and gameplay speed for thumb-twisting maneuvers!
  • Classic shmup design – 8 levels of alien-fighting action, ready for you to get your revenge!
  • New Deluxe Edition includes new enemies, new levels, and more!

We’ll have a full review for you in the days ahead, but for now, check out the trailer below and then head to the Xbox Store in order to grab a copy of the game on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. You’ll also find it over on the Nintendo eShop for Switch. 

Game Description:

Instead of stowing each 1UP you collect, each new ship becomes playable immediately, resulting in an ever-growing armada of destruction! With your home world ruined, lead your detached battalion’s charge by destroying the mechanical-tentacle hybrid attack forces responsible for your pain. Play through 8 challenging shoot-em up stages, complete with branching paths, nasty bosses, and secret powerups. Collect up to 30 player ships to use at once, and fire the deadly plasma auger beam to vanquish the biggest foes!

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