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Take it to the NXT LVL with Madden NFL 21 on Xbox Series X|S and PS5

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madden nfl 21 nxt lvl dolphins

When Madden NFl 21 released on Xbox One and PS4 back in August, we all knew that version was just being seen as a warm up to the main event and the next-gen goodness that was just around the corner. Today, it’s time to take it to the NXT LVL as the next generation of Madden NFL 21 is here. 

Available to purchase and download on Xbox Series X|S and PS5, Madden NFL 21 on the next-gen is a sight to behold. Promising to let players feel game day, the NXT LVL Edition of the game brings forth real world next gen stats, authentic new in-stadia environments and a game day experience like nothing that has ever come before it. 

You’ll find the chance to do all the usual things that Madden NFL 21 previously allowed – and if you haven’t played the game yet, have a read of our review to find out why you should be. But basically, expect to become the face of the franchise, expect to go deep with player stats, prepare to bear witness to some super smooth player movement, and ready yourself for stat powered replays, play calls and more. If you are already playing the game, you should find that progress from Madden Ultimate Team, Franchise modes, and The Yard works across generations.

Priced at £69.99, and discounted down to those who have an EA Play subscription (a sub which will also let you in on a free trial), Madden NFL 21 NXT LVL Edition will also deliver you six 90+ rated OVR players for play through the Ultimate Team. These include…

  • – Michael Vick
  • – Deion Sanders
  • – Reggie White
  • – Bo Jackson
  • – Tony Gonzalez
  • – Taylor Lawrence

If you’re a fan of Madden and have access to an Xbox Series X|S or PS5, dropping in on the NXT LVL of Madden should be a bit of a no-brainer. Just pop over to the Xbox Store or PlayStation Store. Keep an eye out for our full review of this next-gen version in the days ahead. We’ll be sure to tell you if it beats the previous version hands down. 

And if Madden isn’t your bag? Well, FIFA 21 has had the full upgrades too. Win win.

Game Description:

Feel Game Day in Madden NFL 21 NXT LVL EDITION. The next generation of Madden NFL is here. The next generation of Madden NFL is here. Featuring Next Gen Player Movement fueled by real-world Next Gen Stats and authentic new environments inside NFL stadiums, feel game day realism like never before.

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