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Invites for Elden Ring’s closed network test have started rolling out, and many selected participants are selling them at exorbitant prices on sites like eBay.

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Invite for Elden MamaThe closed -ended network exam has started rolling out to select participants, and it seems that many athletes have listed the keys for expensive prices on stores on the Internet. the internet like eBay. The closed network exam begins November 12.

Elden MamaExam keys are sold for a maximum of $ 350 on the site, as reported by VGC. For information, this price is significantly higher than the Collector’s Edition game, which costs $ 189.99. The communication exam will run from November 12 to November 14 in most cases, and will feature 5 courses to choose from. Of course, enthusiasts may not have access to the full map.

Elden Mama certainly From the Project the most dangerous project to date. A long example of the games was unveiled recently, which showed the depth of the mechanics of the game, how the war works, the world, prisons, and many other things. While certainly different from the developer’s past projects, it seems like an interesting change of the Dark Spirit however.

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