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Well, here we go again- rumours continue to claim that a Metroid Prime remaster is on its way, and has already wrapped up development.

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Thanks to launch and success Dread Metroid, criminally ignored Nintendo series fans have had far more to be happy about in recent weeks than they had in more than a decade before, but rumors insist that this is only the beginning. That a Metroid Prime the remaster of a trilogy coming to the Switch is something that rumors are leaking and rumors have been claiming for years, to the point where it’s hard not to groan when other similar rumors arise, but lately , that has been picking up Steam again.

Not too long ago, Emily Rogers, Emily Rogers noted that instead of a full trilogy remaster, Nintendo was working on a solo remaster for the first Metroid Prime with the intention of launching it some time in 2022. He recently took to Twitter to double down on that, claiming that the remaster in question had made great development progress – and, in fact, even wrapped development over the summer. No word yet on whether Nintendo has plans to make similar remasters for the other two Prime games, but Rogers seems to be convinced that Metroid Prime 1, at least, is happening.

Last month, another known insider, NateDrake, confirmed Rogers’ allegations, stating that a Metroid Prime 1 a remaster is indeed in development, and while not exactly a remake, it is still a pretty ambitious project. Read more about that throughout here.

If the remaster (assuming it exists) has indeed wrapped development, and is targeting the 2022 launch that is too (Metroid Prime 1’s 20th anniversary), it should be interesting to see when Nintendo announces it. Next month’s Game Awards would be an ideal venue, but Nintendo has always done what Nintendo wants, so there’s no anticipation of what they’ll do next. Even the existence of this remaster is in doubt for the time being, as this is the highly secretive Nintendo we’re dealing with here, but we’ll be on the lookout for additional details, so stay tuned for more updates.

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