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Sledgehammer Games Duty Call: Vanguard recently released to a largely lukewarm critical reception, and new update for the game has now made several solutions to different components. However, it should also be noted that those who install the update will be robbed of their mid-level progress, as the checkpoint will be invalid and send players back to start that mission.

Sledgehammer, on the other hand, seems to have solved a problem where players were unable to unlock any XP boost etc using redemption codes. There were also answers to the multiplayer component of the game, as the Combat Shield now works as it was supposed to when kept on a player’s back. Operator challenges have been set, alongside other minor issues that have been resolved in Zombies mode.

While Duty Call: Vanguard a good enough game on its own, it doesn’t seem to have done much to shake the formula of the series – something that has been a recurring theme in the franchise for some time now. Read our review for the game through here.

On-Console Patch Notes:


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