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Traverse across multiple regions to hunt down key bosses. Extract their materials to craft new weapons and armor, and then test them out online.

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Salt and Sacrifice, the 2D Souls-like action RPG from Ska Studios and Devoured Studios, has received a new trailer (courtesy of Gematsu) that features a few new features. The first is Mage Hunts which sees players chasing a leader in many of the regions previously explored. Check it out below.

Defeating a Mage gives Eldritch plenty of resources for the production of new weapons and equipment. One such set has a poisonous effect and can be very useful when playing with a sailor. Of course, we’ll see this in action with some new multiplayer graphics. With demonstration, the opportunity to receive rewards from a boss during collaboration is a positive incentive to jump into.

Salt and Sacrifice is now set to release for PS4, PS5 and PC in 2022. The PC version will be available exclusively on the Epic Games Store. For more information and games, head here and stay tuned for more in the coming months.

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